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First in Service Friday: Scott Wishard

APRIL 21, 2023

FIRST IN SERVICE FRIDAY. Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Scott Wishard for being this week's First in Service Friday employee of the week! Scott is over drone operations with the Myrtle Beach Fire Department and assists on the technical side with communications, CAD planning and specialty events throughout the year. He's been a City of Myrtle Beach employee for 11 years, and is originally from Hagerstown, Maryland. He started his career with Myrtle Beach the year he moved to town, 2011.
Scott says "I thoroughly enjoy the work I do for the city, and knowing the work I do helps the Fire Department provide first class service to the city’s residents and visitors makes the efforts worthwhile. The City of Myrtle Beach is an excellent organization to work for and I am truly honored to receive this award." His nomination reads:
"I would like to nominate Scott Wishard of the Myrtle Beach Fire Department. Scott is an integral part of the fire department and has a variety of skills and abilities that benefit many areas. Over the last year, he has been working with the police department by updating and tuning our portable radios. It is a large project and a huge cost-saving endeavor.
Scott is also working to ensure we have interoperability with our state agencies on our radio system in case of a natural disaster or local outage. Scott is a team player and is First in Service to each person in the entire City of Myrtle Beach team."
Way to go, Scott! Thank you for your #FirstinService attitude. You are appreciated!