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First in Service Friday: Tim Erway

JUNE 16, 2023

FIRST IN SERVICE FRIDAY.  Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Tim Erway of the Myrtle Beach Fire Department for being this week's First in Service Friday Employee of the Week! Tim is a firefighter/EMT with Fire Station No. 2, and has been with the MBFD for three years (Recruit Class 33). He's currently in paramedic school. Originally from Connecticut, he moved to Myrtle Beach in 2014 after leaving the U.S. Marines. After you read his nomination, it will not surprise you that he was originally a chef in Myrtle Beach before joining the fire department! Tim says his favorite part about working for Myrtle Beach is "getting to work with the same people every day who are more like family. When they're family, it's easy to come to work!" His nomination reads:

"Firefighter Tim Erway is one of the many up and coming members of the Myrtle Beach Fire Department. Firefighter Erway is a firefighter assigned to A-Shift and has worked with the department for more than two years. Prior to his time with the MBFD, he served in the Marines and then later worked as a chef. Most recently, he has volunteered his time and efforts outside of his normal firefighting duties to go to Paramedic School to better train himself for the over 10,000 medical calls that the department runs each year.
He also stepped up to help prepare close to 1,000 meals for all of the police, fire, ems and other city workers that were working the Carolina Country Music Festival this year... which helped keep them fed and refreshed for the long days in the sun while keeping the event running safely and smoothly. He took the time to prepare the menu, prep the food with the help of some of the Myrtle Beach Fire Department Recruit School, and served two meals a day for the entire weekend to feed those crews that were working the event. Without his “First in Service” attitude and dedication, the CCMF event would certainly have been a more difficult for all of our city employees to work... so for these reasons, Firefighter Tim Erway should be nominated for the 'First in Service Friday' recognition."

WOW! We heard the food was good, too! Thank you, Tim, for your First in Service dedication to your Myrtle Beach family. You are appreciated, and best of luck in paramedic school.