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First in Service Friday: Kelly Maynard

JULY 7, 2023

Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Kelly Maynard for being this week’s First in Service Friday Employee of the Week! Kelly works as a GIS Technician for the City of Myrtle Beach’s Information Technology Department.

Kelly Maynard moved here from Wayne, West Virginia in September of 2022. He’s been a Myrtle Beach GIS Technician since! As a member of the IT Department, Kelly’s hard work helps both city staff and members of our community. Kelly stated that the best part of his job is “working with members from different departments and providing useful information to the public.” He showed incredible work ethic early on in his career with the city during an internal system restructuring. Kelly’s nomination reads…
“While there was restructuring of management within our GIS Division, Kelly was our ONLY GIS personnel that kept our system going for that time being. Without his initiative and expertise, our GIS division support would have halted during the restructuring and ongoing implementation of our soon to be internal information system.”

The GIS system is a mapping software that provides relevant data about the city’s roads, sewer lines, water accesses and much more. It was because of his hard work that the city and public had access to accurate and updated mapping information while switching to our new internal information system. Thank you, Kelly, all you do. You are appreciated!