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First in Service Friday Winner:  Brandon Hancock!

August 18, 2023

Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Brandon Hancock as this week’s First in Service Friday Employee of the Week! Brandon is a Buyer in the Purchasing Division of the Financial Services Department.

Brandon started working for the City of Myrtle Beach in June 2021. Originally from Camden, South Carolina, Brandon found his way to the eastern shore (first in Charleston) working in private investigations. He ventured to Myrtle Beach after meeting his wife and then began his career with the city shortly after. He started in business licensing, but was quickly promoted.

Brandon is a detail-oriented, hard-working, elite team member. He enjoys assisting in the smooth, day-to-day operations that help our city operate efficiently. He is always looking to help teammates and coworkers in other departments. Brandon’s First in Service attributes were recognized in three different nominations, which read:

“I’d like to nominate Brandon Hancock as a First in Service recipient. Although he’s in one of those jobs that most people don’t see, he still does it to the best! From the City side, he makes sure that our requests are fulfilled properly and as quickly as possible within his ability. From the provider side, he makes sure that they know what requirements need to be filled to be able to do business with the City and how to go about doing it. He’s able to walk users (city and non-city) through the steps of either bidding or requesting, and always does it with patience and kindness. (And believe me, it takes a LOT of patience to be MY Buyer!)

“I second this nomination! Brandon goes the extra mile around here to make sure that folks (City staff and vendors) get what they need. He manages to balance doing the right thing with doing what is best… now that’s what I call FIRST IN SERVICE! He is one of our City’s unsung heroes, and he deserves to shine.

“I would love to nominate Brandon Hancock for First in Service Friday! Brandon has been with the City for a little over two years; first with Business License and now he currently serves as a Buyer in the Procurement Office. Brandon is a team player who is always willing to help. I can count on him to get the job the done right! He is a knowledgeable resource for the departments that he serves. Brandon is diligent and detail-oriented, working on complex projects to help our City grow. Brandon is a true professional, and definitely respected by his fellow team mates. I am blessed to work with Brandon every day, and I'm not quite sure what I'd do without him!”

Brandon is committed to his team and never shies away from a task. Thank you, Brandon, for executing, operating and going above-and-beyond when working contracts. You are appreciated!