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Work is getting underway on the $34 million infrastructure project for Myrtle Beach's Arts & Innovation District.

August 21, 2023

Work is getting underway on the $34 million infrastructure project for Myrtle Beach’s Arts & Innovation District. The project lays the groundwork for downtown’s transformation into a lively destination for both residents and visitors.

You won’t see much yet, as the first two projects are a stormwater pond off Balsam Street and a sewer pump station on Sixth Avenue North. The public is first likely to notice limited road work and detours in late September or October, when underground utility work begins, along with water and sewer line upgrades.

The list of projects includes new streetscapes, especially along Ninth Avenue North, plus the realignment of Oak Street as the throughway. In Summer 2024, Broadway Street will stop at Eighth Avenue North, where a new events plaza ultimately will be built in front of the Myrtle Beach Train Depot. Construction also includes new water and sewer lines, stormwater systems and underground utilities. Streets and sidewalks will be transformed, too, for greater walkability and multimodal uses. Final paving surfaces throughout the district are expected in Spring 2026.

The realignment of US 501 from Broadway to Kings Highway will happen simultaneously with this work. US 501’s straightening is a RIDE III project, managed by the South Carolina Department of Transportation. Look for it to begin in early 2024.