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Myrtle Beach history series returns Wednesday, September 20, at Chapin Memorial Library


The award-winning “Through the Lens of Time: Myrtle Beach History” speaker-led educational series returns tomorrow, September 20, featuring Wayne Gray. Join us to learn about Myrtle Beach’s past from a local historian’s perspective at 2:00 p.m. on various Wednesdays at Chapin Memorial Library, 400 14th Avenue North. The series is hosted by the City of Myrtle Beach, Friends of Chapin Memorial Library and the city’s Seniors Advisory Board.

• September 20 – Wayne Gray (Emcee Mark Kruea)
• October 18 – Tom Davis (Emcee Mark Kruea)
• November 15 – Jasper Ramsey (Emcee Diane Devaughn Stokes)
• December 6 – Kathryn Hedgepath (Emcee Diane Devaughn Stokes)
• January 17 – Egerton Burroughs (Emcee Diane Devaughn Stokes)
• February 21 – Carolyn & Russ Mates (Emcee Diane Devaughn Stokes)
• March 20 – Cecil Patrick Family (Emcee Diane Devaughn Stokes)
• April 17 – John Skeeter (Emcee Diane Devaughn Stokes)
• May 15 – Bo Bryan (Emcee Diane Devaughn Stokes)
We can't wait to see you at this wonderful, Myrtle Beach event!