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Two MBPD officers in the spotlight for "First in Service" mentality during Tropical Storm Idalia


Service Spotlight! Two Myrtle Beach Police Officers went above and beyond several weeks ago during Tropical Storm Idalia. PTL Christine Flannery and PFC Jessica Kirby responded to a call in the middle of the storm to help evacuate two people from the Peggy Ann Apartments. Thanks to their assistance, two families in need were safely evacuated to a nearby hotel to wait out the storm. Their nomination reads…

“I just wanted to reach out to recognize the hard work PTL Kirby and PFC Flannery put in on event #230813800 on August 30 during Hurricane Idalia.
PFC Flannery and PTL Kirby responded to the Peggy Ann Apartments for an elderly, handicap woman who was fearful that her apartment was going to flood, as the water line in the parking lot was rising close to the apartments. When officers arrived on scene, they could see the water was rising and knew that they had to help this woman.
The easy route would have been to call for a taxi service and sent her on her way, however, these officers went above and beyond.

The victim was hard of hearing and bound to a wheelchair/walker, so communication was very difficult. The woman stated she would pay for a hotel, but didn't know of any that would be open and could accommodate her needs. She also wanted to bring a single mother and her ten month old baby and ten year old child with her, who lived in the apartment next to her. However, neither of them had a car. PTL Kirby started calling hotels while PFC Flannery started helping her and her neighbor to pack and also made arrangements with SGT Walker to bring the supervisor Tahoe to accommodate the child seat in the car. At this point, the landlord started walking around the building to evacuate his tenants and he thanked us for helping these two tenants as they were the only two with special needs. PTL Kirby confirmed a hotel room and PFC Flannery loaded up the patrol vehicle with their bags to bring to the hotel, all while in the middle of the heaviest rainfall of the evening. We successfully got these people to a hotel that would keep them safe and dry through the evening.

As their supervisor, this shows great “First in Service” during a trying time. These officers could have just stayed in their patrol vehicle, stayed dry, and called for a taxi service. However, they did not, and went above and beyond to get these residents a place to stay.”

This First in Service work shows the commitment and kindness of these individuals. Thanks for providing excellent care to those in need. Myrtle Beach Police Department