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Happy Birthday, Jack Thompson!


Today is Jack Thompson's birthday! A photographer extraordinaire, Jack has been capturing images of the Grand Strand since the mid-1950s. Back in 2012, the City of Myrtle Beach declared September 21 as "Jack Thompson Day" in honor of his many contributions to the city, especially through his photography. Please join us in wishing Jack a "happy birthday" today.

WHEREAS, Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand have been blessed by the presence of Jack Thompson and his all-seeing camera for more than 50 years; and

WHEREAS, With his photographer’s eye, Jack Thompson has captured significant events in our city’s history, providing a chronicle of Myrtle Beach’s transformation, growing as it has from a small vacation destination in the early 1950s to the East Coast’s premier oceanside resort today; and

WHEREAS, The South Carolina House of Representatives recently recognized Jack Thompson’s place in our history, proclaiming him “the official chronicler of South Carolina’s Grand Strand” and declaring September 21, 2012, as “Jack Thompson ‘Remembering Myrtle Beach’ Day” throughout the state; and

WHEREAS, Thanks to his photographic record, his love of Myrtle Beach and his active involvement in the life of our community, Jack Thompson has successfully fulfilled the role of our “unofficial historian,” capturing five decades of memories and adventures on film, for all to see;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Myrtle Beach City Council hereby proclaims Friday, September 21, as Jack Thompson Day in the City of Myrtle Beach and invites and encourages residents to wish him a Happy Birthday.