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First in Service Friday: Chris Miller

NOVEMBER 10, 2023

FIRST IN SERVICE FRIDAY.  Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Chris Miller for being this week's First in Service Friday Employee of the Week! Chris is an Infrastructure Projects Manager with the Public Works Department. He's been with the City of Myrtle Beach for more than 30 years! Chris's nomination is timely because he's wrapping up his most recent project, the World War II Memorial at Warbird Park. His nomination reads:

"Chris leads the Infrastructure Division of Public Works and has a very important and demanding job to do. When the Division was initially created, it was responsible for only managing Public Works Capital Improvement Projects. Over the years, this division has taken on so much more responsibility, and now manages a variety of projects for departments across the city. For example, some of the current projects in addition to our usual sewer, water and stormwater projects include the new traffic signal for Fire Station No. 6, the pedestrian walking bridge at Thunderbolt Park and the much-anticipated WWII Memorial and Infrastructure of the Arts & Innovation District projects.

Chris is extremely thoughtful when it comes to the project management side of things. He has a huge heart of a public servant. He has gone the extra mile throughout the conceptual and construction phases of the WWII Memorial to make sure our veterans, especially our local veterans, are honored in any way possible. He has personally reached out to many different agencies, groups and historians to gather a large amount of information, history, and input that add to the unique memorialization of the monument. He initiated an additional ceremony around the monument, so that local veterans from multiple branches could be honored while raising their respective branches flags for the first time. Chris puts the same amount of thought and effort into every single project he oversees.

His knowledge and experience are unmatched. He puts it to good use combing over all the details of every project to make sure we can manage and anticipate obstacles. He documents everything, so that the division and city are well prepared for anything that may arise. Every day he leads and supports his staff, who have great respect for him and always feel appreciated for their hard work.

Thank you, Chris, for your support and leadership. You set the bar high as a “First In Service” employee."

Chris, you are so appreciated. Thanks for being #FirstinService!