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First in Service Friday: Heather Boyle

DECEMBER 15, 2023

Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Heather Boyle for being this week's First in Service Friday Employee of the Week! Heather is a Detention Officer with the Myrtle Beach Police Department. Originally from Queens, N.Y., Heather migrated to South Carolina to attend the University of South Carolina. She moved to Myrtle Beach upon graduation in 2005 and has been a Detention Officer with the city ever since. "I love working for the city because of my co-workers. I enjoy my job because I like helping people in the jail, being able to help someone and being thanked." Heather's nomination reads:

"I would like to nominate Detention Officer Heather Boyle for First in Service Friday. She has been with the Myrtle Beach Police Department since 2005, and has worn many hats along the way. Some of those hats include cross-trained communications officer and currently Field Training Officer. DO Boyle has been incredibly helpful training new hires to the detention section and has been consistently doing so for more than a year. Her wealth of knowledge covers many things outside of detention such as communications, law and general procedure. Her familiarly with many aspects of her career allows her to be a main "go-to" for her peers. She is a shift leader and caretaker of the team. DO Boyle is known for bringing the team together and building camaraderie by cooking for her shift and organizing outings. You will also see DO Boyle at just about every volunteer community event there is including Shop with a Hero, Cops & Bobbers, Rock the Stop and many others. She is passionate about her career, the connections she makes with her team and the citizens she serves."

We are lucky to have you, Heather! Thank you for your #FirstinService spirit. You are appreciated!