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First in Service Friday: Michael Beck

JANUARY 26, 2024

Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Michael Beck for being this week's First in Service Friday Employee of the Week! Michael is a lieutenant and chaplain for the Myrtle Beach Fire Department. His nomination reads:

"Lieutenant Michael Beck currently serves as our Logistics Technician for the Department. This position requires him to order supplies, fulfill uniform and equipment needs for 180 personnel and to ensure that our vendors are meeting the established guidelines created with assistance from purchasing. His position requires him to work independently and to display initiative. Lt. Beck is one of the most task-oriented and detailed people I have ever met in the fire department. He has created a new system for the inventory of supplies. He has also worked with the station captains to create a one-stop location to order the monthly supplies and accept delivery.

In addition to this, Lt. Michael Beck responds to major incidents on a call-back notification system, requiring him to be “on-call” for two weeks every two months. This position establishes rehabilitation support for our firefighters when they are working an active fire or other large scale incident. Because of his attention to detail, Lt. Beck has created more efficient ways of stocking and responding to these incidents for the other staff officers who also share this responsibility. He is also proactive in forecasting equipment needs, and to recommend new process to the executive chiefs to implement.

Lieutenant Beck is also our fire department chaplain. He has taken the initiative in this, leading a charge to fill a void in our organization. He has taken the time to attend extra training in order to be competent serve in this capacity. He is able to provide comfort to both our responders and members of our community who may have been impacted by the events our first responders were called to. This is an invaluable service, one that is often understated until it is needed.

This is why I believe Lt. Michael Beck would be a deserving elite team member for First in Service Friday."

Wow, thank you for making the City of Myrtle Beach and its fire department a better place for everyone. You are appreciated!