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Pay attention to recycling instructions

Myrtle Beach's solid waste staff will leave this hang tag on your recycling container if it has things in it that we can't accept. If you find one of these on your cart or bin, please look to see which items are in violation and remove them so that we can collect the recycling next time. Here's the message...

DON'T use plastic bags for recyclables before putting them in the green recycling cart (or the blue bin, if you still have one of those). No bags in, or next to, the cart or bin.

DO place all recyclables loose inside the green recycling cart (or blue bin). Cardboard can be placed next to the cart if it won't fit inside.

We accept...

Glass -- Food and beverages containers, only.
Cardboard/Paper -- Newspaper, junk mail, cereal boxes, etc. NO pizza boxes, though.
Cans -- Steel and aluminum food and beverage cans only.
Plastic -- #1 and #2 food/beverage/detergent bottles only. No plastic tubs or to-go containers.